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Rick Bennette, Romance Novelist

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Most of the books written by Rick Bennette are romantic love stories and light science fiction inspired by his faith and the love of his wife. His electronic books are published on Amazon.com and may be previewed as ebook downloads at no cost. Click the ebook links on this site or go to Amazon.com and search Rick Bennette.

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Denise and Rick, the original Love Boat Couple, have an amazing love story of there own.
Read their true love story as published
 here in The Bermuda Sun.
Hear their love story as told by their minister at church.
See Rick on the Late Show with David Letterman. 

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Rick with his wife, Denise and friend, Melissa at his book signing.

The following books can be read on Kindles, PCs, Macs, Tablets and Smartphones. Visit Amazon.com and search Rick Bennette.


A romantic work of fiction inspired by the disappearance of Malaysia Flight 370. A story of love and romance, of sacrifice and survival that revolves around a fictional account of actual events.

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A loving family man in Newtown, Connecticut encounters unusual phenomenon following a seemingly unsurmountable family challenge.

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Gabriella is the essence of the perfect love every man desires. Kevin has dreamed of a woman like her all his life. When they meet, he is convinced she could become his soul mate. But a hidden secret of her past stands to keep them apart forever. He is forced to choose between a life of love and life itself.

Tough Love

When it comes to the ladies, some guys have all the luck. And then there's Chip Vandersnoot. A romantic comedy that will make you laugh on occasion and make you cry at the end.

#Septura #AliensinParadise #UFOfiles #AliensLife

In this light sci-fi comedy, scientists on the planet Septura receive TV shows from our past and come to Earth to study humans. Are aliens from another world prepared for the oddities they are about to discover in the paradise we call Florida?

#TheBoss #RomanceNovel #LoveStory

In the office, Abbey's the boss who's all work and no play. Jake is secretly in love with her. When their small plane goes down on a deserted tropical island, Abbie struggles to remain in control but soon realizes she's up against more than she can handle.

Last Chance by Rick Bennette

When Tony looses the love of his life, he can not imagine what fate has in store for him. This is the story of anyone who ever dreams of finding the perfect love when all odds are against it.

Rick is also a veteran Commercial Copywriter, Film Maker and Video Editor with decades of experience.
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Avid golfer Jack Preston is Bernie Madoff's friend and right hand man. When the scandal hits the news, in order to avoid prison Jack is forced to give up the only source of income he's ever known. Despondent and broke, he takes an uncharted direction to rebuilding his life.